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Williams Dental offers same-day emergency dental care in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. If you are experiencing tooth pain, swollen gums, or have chipped a tooth call us right away and we will make arrangements for you to come into our office. We will also give you tips on what to do until you’re able to see our dentists. Our #1 priority is easing your pain and restoring your smile.


How to Determine a Dental Emergency

guy with tooth pain that needs emergency dental care

Experiencing mouth pain or injury should not be taken lightly. If you have any of the symptoms below, please call Dr. Williams right away.

  • Severe long-lasting tooth pain
  • A lost dental restoration such as a crown or filling
  • Any damage to your tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth (partially or fully)
  • Something is stuck between your teeth
  • Jaw pain or clenching
  • A loose tooth

The Williams Dental team understands that dental emergencies are not planned. Our main objective is to get you into the dentist as soon as possible. Once you call our office, we will set up an appointment for you and give you the necessary steps on how to take care of the issue until we can get you into the office.

If you have experienced any trauma to the head or neck, we advise you to go to the emergency room or visit your physician before coming to us. Getting your mouth pain under control is important, but fixing an injury to your head or neck takes priority. To learn more about dental emergency care, we invite you to call or visit us today.


Why Choose Williams Dental for your Dental Emergency?

The Williams Dental team proudly serves the Charlotte neighborhood. We are dedicated to making sure all patients get high-quality dental care. At our dentist office you will receive:

  • High-quality service and care
  • The latest technology
  • Extensive experience & training
  • Same-day appointments
  • Dental savings plan for those who don’t have insurance

Don’t stay in pain, call the Williams Dental team asap and get the care you deserve.

Dental Emergency FAQs

  • If a baby tooth is knocked out, is that a dental emergency?
    • Yes. Baby teeth are designed to come out at some point, but this needs to be a natural occurrence. Until then, they need to stay in place. Having a baby tooth knocked out before its time can cause damage to the tooth underneath. The dentist will not reinsert the baby tooth, but they will ensure that nothing has happened to the underlying tooth.
  • How should I sleep when I have tooth pain?
    • Sometimes you can’t get into the dentist office on the same day and getting a good night’s sleep while in pain can be difficult. When you call Williams Dental, we will give you instructions on how to care for your tooth pain overnight. In case you forget, here is a list of some things you should do:
      1.  Keep your head elevated
      2.  Avoid food or drinks that are cold, have a lot of sugar, or are acidic.
      3.  Take a pain reliever before you go to bed
      4. Put a cold compress on your face to help numb the pain
  • Can a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth heal on its own?
    • The short answer is, NO. You need to seek treatment right away if your tooth becomes chipped, cracked, or fractured. Not only does it take away from your beautiful smile, but it can also expose the tooth to bacteria. Waiting a day or two if you’re not experiencing pain is fine, but you should definitely get this issue fixed sooner rather than later.
  • Should I use a toothpick to help get out food that is stuck?
    • Most dentists do not recommend using a toothpick for getting out stuck food. Not only can the sharp edges damage the soft tissues in your mouth, you could also be pushing the food further in between your teeth. Use floss to get food out, but if it is extremely stuck and won’t come out, talk to a dentist right away!

Call Williams Dental for Your Dental Emergency

We proudly serve the Charlotte communities of Cotswold, Southpark, and Myers Park. Call our denist office right away if you are experiencing severe mouth pain, had a trauma occur that affected your mouth, or acquired an injured tooth. We will be happy to help and get your smile back on track!


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