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If you have multiple missing teeth, then dentures might be a great option for you. At Williams Dental, we have two options, partial and full mouth dentures. Depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. Give us a call and set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Williams.

You can also schedule your appointment online. We proudly serve the communities of Cotswold, SouthPark, Myers Park, and the surrounding Charlotte areas.


What Are Dentures?

full and partial dentures being put together by a dentist at Williams Dental

Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that are formed to your mouth. They are created by your dentist and replace your natural teeth that have fallen out or been removed.  Depending on how many teeth have been removed or lost. will determine if you will need full or partial dentures. No matter which type of denture you need, they will match your existing teeth and be custom fitted for your mouth only. This ensures the dentures look as natural as possible, giving you back that award-winning smile!

Different Types of Denture Materials

There are 4 different types of denture materials that are used by most dentists to create the perfect denture to fit your needs – porcelain, acrylic resin, partial metal, and flexible.

  • Porcelain Material –  A popular material because of its durability. If properly cared for, this material is almost completely stain-resistant. They give a very natural look. This material is used mostly for full-mouth dentures because if used for partial, it could wear down the natural teeth next to it.
  • Acrylic Resin Material – This material is the highest on-demand for dentures. It has the natural look that the porcelain material does, but it’s cheaper, which is why most people tend to want acrylic resin. Unfortunately, they wear quickly and need to be replaced more than porcelain dentures.
  • Metal Material – Metal dentures are usually made from a combination of cobalt and chrome. The base and teeth are made from this metal combination, but the teeth have an enamel tint and the gum part is made from pink metal, making them look like your natural teeth. Dentures made from this material tend to be more expensive than acrylic, but are stronger and last longer.
  • Flexible Material – This material is mostly used for partial mouth dentures. They are made of thermoplastics such as nylon and polyester. Flexible dentures are created to conform to your mouth and do not require any metal clasps. They are more natural looking, easier to make and fix, and are less likely to break.

Choosing the correct material for you can be difficult. There are many options to consider. Oral care is important to your overall health, so contact the Williams Dental team and learn more about which denture material would be the best solution for you.


Why Choose Williams Dental for Your Denture Treatment

The Williams Dental team are experts in the dental industry. They provide high-quality oral care to the Charlotte, NC community. Their #1 priority is making sure their patients leave 100% satisfied with their smiles. Williams Dental offers:

  • Friendly, convenient, and excellent customer care
  • The latest in dental technology
  • Extensive experience & training with full and partial dentures
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • New Patient Specials

FAQ about Dental Implants

  • What is the process of getting new dentures?
    • The first step is to book a consultation with your dentist. This will help determine what solution is best for you. After that, you will need have about 4-5 appointments over the course of a few weeks. Contact Dr. Williams today to learn more about the options Williams Dental offers.
  • How much do dentures cost on average?
    • The cost of dentures varies depending on a few factors; the complexity of your procedure, the type of material you’ll need, whether you need full or partial dentures, and where your dentist is located. Williams Dental accepts a wide variety of dental insurance and they also have Wellness Plans if you don’t have insurance.
  •  What is the difference between full and partial dentures?
    • Partial dentures fit in between other teeth that are remaining, while full dentures replace all the teeth of the top and/or bottom row.

full denture vs partial dentures comparison

  • Is it easy or complicated to take care of dentures?
    • Short answer is it’s easy to take care of dentures as long as you follow a daily routine. Use a soft bristle brush and non-invasive toothpaste or a denture cleaner to brush your dentures once a day. DO NOT wear your dentures 24/7. Your support bones need time to rest. Soak your dentures in water or a denture cleaning solution overnight so they can stay moist and keep their shape.
  • Is there any pain with dentures?
    • When you first get fitted for dentures, you may experience some irritation, but as your mouth gets used to them, the irritation will fade. If it continues for a long period of time or worsens as time goes on, contact your dentist right away. There may be another underlying issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Can I eat normally with dentures?
    • For the most part, patients get used to eating food with their dentures. Sometimes it takes longer to get used to eating hard or sticky foods, but if you use some denture adhesive to help stabilize your dentures, you can enjoy all your favorite food. The one food that should be avoided at all costs when wearing dentures is CHEWING GUM!!!

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Contact the Williams Dental team today to learn more about our denture options and find out which solution is best for you! We proudly serve the Charlotte communities of Cotswold, SouthPark, and Myers Park. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a beautiful smile.


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