Tips for having a great Halloween during COVID

Like everything is in 2020, Halloween is going to be different this year.  I asked some current patients to share some ideas on how they plan on having a safe and fun Halloween.

Don’t skip the costumes:

Even if you don’t feel comfortable having your kids go door to door this year, it’s important to make sure the holiday doesn’t get missed. Having them get dressed up will help them feel like Halloween happened…even if it is a little different. 

This also might be a good year to be creative and help them make a costume. I know it’s tough finding the time with working from home and virtual learning, but what a great memory you will be making. 

Really overdo the decorations: 

If you’re like me, I love putting up holiday decorations with my kids. Sometimes I don’t have the time to really go overboard. Not this year. My intention is that both my Halloween and Christmas decorations will be seen from space. 

There are many of your neighbors that won’t feel safe trick or treating this year. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to take a walk around the neighborhood in their costumes and get in the holiday spirit.

Several patients even mentioned doing a house decorating contest to encourage participation. 

Make your own treats: 

As a dentist, I would highly recommend making treats at home. Making your own treats is a great way to ensure you know what is going into them. So many massed produced candies are worse than you might think for your kid’s teeth.

Read: The Five worst Halloween treats for kids. 

I have kids, so I would never suggest skipping their favorite candy on a holiday that is all about candy. But, I would take a little more caution this year by not letting them fill their candy bags full of unknowns.

Hit up the pumpkin patch: 

This is always a lot of fun to do. Kids are yearning to get out of the house, so take them to a pumpkin patch. I suggest heading a little further than Kings Drive. Check out ones that are out of town. Some even have corn mazes.

This article from Charlotte Agenda has a great list of where to go, but keep in mind it’s from last year, so make sure these places are open before you go. Our favorite is Hall Family Farm.

Trick or treat stations:

I’ve heard some patients mention trick or treat stations. In my opinion, this would require that you trust the families involved. At this point, we have all gotten to our neighbors better anyway, so for a lot of people this is a reasonable option.

Essentially these are stations where several families spread out some tables and have specific types of treats at each table. You stay within that area and everyone enjoys the treats before heading home. 

Trick or treat parades: 

Again this requires trust with your neighbors, but can allow for social distancing. Each kid can decorate their bike or wagon. Before it gets dark, let them parade through a safe area of your neighborhood with parents supervising along the way. 

Some have mentioned having candy set out for kids to pick up as they go along. Be sure to make agreements with your neighbors about social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands. 

We know the risks at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a safe and fun Halloween for both you and your kids. 

Be creative, be safe, and have fun!